Of course, this tour is about food and drinks, but not only that!

- We introduce you to companies that have been supplying and feeding the Tyrolean population for generations.

- We not only visit inns and local businesses, but also take a look behind the scenes and get exclusive access, that you privately would not have access too.

- We also show you new and upcoming Tyrolean companies and their ideas that complement the traditional Tyrolean cuisine and revive many - partly forgotten - dishes and specialties, and let them  shine in new splendor.

- While "Tyrolean cuisine" means tradition, it is also constantly changing. Experience at the "Innsbruck Food Tour", as companies focus on sustainability, together with farmers, to produce and process local fruit and vegetables in a nature-friendly way, and without producing unnecessary waste. Everything in the sense of: stop food waste!

- The "Tyrolean cuisine" is internationally known, and has been for centuries. Cultural influences from all over the world have not only influenced our food, many even come "from outside" and have become part of our own tradition. Learn interesting culinary relationships, you will be amazed!

Who We Are


" Everyone eats and drinks, but few appreciate taste” (Confucius)


"Innsbruck Food Tour" is an independent culinary tour. We enjoy food and want to introduce you to what "Tyrolean cuisine" means to us, along with many stories and great moments together with you as our guests. It should be an unforgettable food tour for you. You can be sure that every single place has been carefully selected. They are places we ourselves enjoy visiting, eating, and drinking at with our friends and family. We guarantee the highest quality of food and drinks.