What is the "Innsbruck Food Tour"?

Our food tour is a leisurely stroll through the city with a local foodie. The tour offers you a unique opportunity to taste the fantastic Tyrolean cuisine, to enjoy local dishes, and to hear the interesting stories behind them.

You will learn how Tyroleans hosts their guests, what we mean when we say "Neinerle ", or what a "Marend" is.


During a four hour tour we will walk through Innsbruck, with various culinary stops.

The tours are held in both German and English.


Come with an empty stomach! The "Innsbruck Food Tour CLASSIC" is more than just a lunch!!!


Innsbruck Food Tour

We will start with our farmers in the Innsbruck market hall („Markthalle Innsbruck“). They are the backbone of the Tyrolean cuisine.

There are also many local farmers who prepare samples, through which they convey their passion for the local and traditional culinary art.

"White or rather crumbly?" - Try a Tyrolean grey cheese („Graukäse“), perhaps in combination with a fiery chutney? On the tour a cheese sommelier will present typical local cheeses.


Then we will dive into the world of bread. Here you will be able to "sniff out" the unique history of baking bread - the kind of insight that usually is not easily accessible for tourists.

In a local bread manufacturer in Innsbruck you will get to know and appreciate bread as a form of ancient cultural heritage, lovingly and passionately produced with hundreds of years of traditional knowledge and experience.

For lunch you will taste specialities from the different Tyrolean regions, indulge your palate with various delicacies and listen to interesting stories.

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote, ”If you have eaten and drunk, you are born as new; Be stronger, braver, more skilled at your business". And so lunch will be followed by a digestive walk through the city, the caffeinated and award-winning awakener (coffee), and sweet temptations that tell Tyrolean history.


Next, a culinary, historical journey will take us centuries into the past, until we finally end up at a cozy "Marend" and taste samples of that specialty, with which Tyrol was usually first associated.


When do we begin
From Thursday to Saturday, each day at 10:00 am. We meet in front of the Innsbruck market hall! You will receive a map of the city immediately after the booking confirmation!




Adult 95 euros

Children to the age of sixteen 65 euros

All tasted food and drinks are included.

You are welcome to purchase the specialties from local businesses and dealers, perhaps as a present for your loved ones at home?





The "Innsbruck Food Tour CLASSIC" takes about 4 hours. Comfortable footwear is an advantage.



Number of Participants
A minimum of 2, and maximum of 10 people! Larger groups on request!



Private Tours
You can also book a private tour, with a minimum 6 people, at your request, from Monday to Saturday. Starting time most ideally at 10 o'clock. Contact at